Structure Formula:

Molecule Formula: C9H13N3O5                    M. W.: 243.22             CAS No.: 65-46-3


Description:  White crystalline powder

Identification:  Conforms to the Ref. IR spectrum

Clarity and color of solution:  Colorless and clear

Purity (HPLC):  ≥99.0%

Assay(UV Absorption):  98.0%-102.0%

Ratio:  A250/A260 0.41-0.49 ; A280/A260 2.05-2.15

M.P.:  210°C~217°C

Sulfated ash:   ≤0.1%

Heavy metals:   ≤10ppm

Arsenic acid:   ≤1ppm

Loss on drying:   ≤0.5 %

Packing:  20kg/drum

Meets the Fact. Std.

打金花游戏下载 Storage:   Stable at RT if stared in tightly closed containers, protected from humidity.

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